Daggerheart Drop: The Flickerfly

April 2, 2024

Welcome to our first Daggerheart Drop! These Daggerheart Drops will be little extras for your playtesting needs—highlighting existing or providing new adversaries, items, and encounters to spice up your gameplay.

We’re kicking this off with a deep dive into the Flickerfly, an adversary from the current Daggerheart manuscript, which now has gorgeous new art for the Flickerfly larva, juvenile and adult, as well as expanded statblocks for the juvenile and adult! Introduce this fearsome creature (or a pile of cuddly bugs!) to your next playtest encounter! Plus, we’ve updated the mechanics of the fearsome Flickerfly Blade alongside its own new art - equip your characters with it and take it for a spin! All of this brand new art is by our Senior Concept Artist, Shaun Ellis.

You can download the full Daggerheart Drop here (2.4MB PDF)

A Daggerheart Stat Block for the Juvenile Flickerfly - Solo
Sample Statblock for the Juvenile Flickerfly - Solo

We will be regularly releasing Daggerheart Drops throughout the entire Open Beta Playtest, so check back often to see what you could bring to your next session!

Then don't forget to come back and tell us how it went by filling out the surveys - that goes for both GMs and players! Did your giant Guardian one-shot this Flickerfly handily? Was the statblock a change to understand or use? Let us know by going to the surveys!

 A Flickerfly for the Daggerheart Tabletop Roleplaying Game
Daggerheart Flickerfly Concept Art by Shaun Ellis