NEW TIER 1 ADVENTURE: The Marauders of Windfall

May 17, 2024

Good news, hopeful adventurers! Some minor playtest materials updates AND a new adventure!

New Adventures Away!

To assist your higher-level playtesting, we’ve just released a new Tier 1 adventure (for levels 2–4) called The Marauders of Windfall! Build and board the magical Royal Air Ship Windfall with custom standees, including 3D terrain pieces to set sail at your table. This adventure features two new Environments—the Commander’s Dinner and the Skyship Windfall—with their own custom environment features to inspire cinematic scenes. Combat and social encounters in the adventure all utilize unique Daggerheart mechanics!

The adventure includes pre-generated level 2 character sheets (with new art and standees) for the characters Varian, Barnacle, Garrick, Marlowe, and Khari, from the Sablewood Messengers adventure, in case you’d like to continue your journeys with them! This Tier One adventure is also suitable for any party of characters at level 2, 3, or 4. While this story is a great sequel to the Quickstart Adventure, it also includes guidance on how to incorporate the adventure into your own unique campaign!

Bon voyage on the good airship RAS Windfall! Surely nothing dangerous is afoot…

Daggerheart 1.4.1 Patch

With early survey feedback from playtesters we’ve caught some abilities, domain cards, and equipment that need balancing based on shifts in the core rules. Rather than waiting for the next major update, we’re giving you the corrected materials now with a patch! We highly recommend you download and use these updates in your playtesting adventures of the current Daggerheart version.


We encourage you to use the adventure to give us feedback on playing at levels 2–4! Let us know how the balance of combat feels, how your expanded abilities interplay, and anything else that excites you through the official surveys

The adventure is now available at the link below, and included in the most recent downloadable files at daggerheart.com/play and on DriveThruRPG, as well as available on the Compendium at Demiplane’s Daggerheart Nexus.


You’ll also see this story at the Darrington Press Gen Con 2024 events (although the mechanics will update to suit the future version of Daggerheart)—tickets go on sale this Sunday, May 19th! We’d love to see you there.

Art by Shaun Ellis (Click to Enlarge)