Daggerheart Drop: Glass Snake and Devouring Dagger

April 23, 2024

Welcome to our third Daggerheart Drop! 

Today we’re featuring the Glass Snake, an adversary from the current 1.3 Daggerheart manuscript, along with a weapon: the Devouring Dagger. This Daggerheart Drop brings you additional lore for each as well as gorgeous new art by our Senior Concept Artist, Shaun Ellis.

Daggerheart 1.3 brought a lot of changes and balancing to adversaries and health, so there’s no better time to take these for a spin!

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More on the Glass Snake lore in Daggerheart: 

Art by Shaun Ellis. Click here to Expand

In 1.3 we also introduced the concept of environments, which provides optional stat blocks that grant narrative and mechanical features to areas your adventurers may find themselves. The Glass Snake makes its home in the Mountain Pass and Abandoned Grove environments, which can be found in Chapter 4 of the 1.3 Manuscript and the Playtest Compendium on Demiplane.

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Take your adventurers through the Abandoned Grove, where after finding a Devouring Dagger they may take on a Glass Snake! See how well they hold up against the Glass Snake’s Armor-Shredding Shards, or how they handle the Abandoned Grove’s intimidating feature: You Are Not Welcome Here.

Then don’t forget to come back and tell us how it went by filling out the surveys—that goes for both GMs and players! Did your faerie Seraph handle the Glass Snake without breaking a sweat? Was the environment stat block a help and inspiration or did you find it tough to use? Did the Devouring Dagger consume your featured adversary too quickly? Let us know by going to the surveys