Daggerheart Drop: 1.3 Quickstart Adventure

April 16, 2024

For this Daggerheart Drop, we reintroduce the Quickstart Adventure, now compatible with Daggerheart version 1.3! The whole adventure, including the premade characters, adversaries, and combat balance, have all been updated. You can download the PDF of the full updated adventure at the link below. The Quickstart Adventure compendium on the Daggerheart Nexus on Demiplane will be updated soon.


In this Quickstart Adventure, you can play as Marlowe, personal mage to King Emeris, and the other Sablewood Messengers with their updated Ancestries, Communities, and Domains. You can also bring your own characters, or make new ones, and see how they handle the adventure this time around. Or let the adventure and new updates inspire you to weave your own tale and tell us all about it!

Art by Shaun Ellis. Click to enlarge.

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Best of luck adventuring in Daggerheart 1.3 and the updated Quickstart Adventure!

Art by Jen Tan. Click to enlarge.